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What's your curry of choice.....

I like a Dhansak and a Jalfrezi but Chicken Ceylon (hot and tastes of cocunut) just pips it.....

Does anyone actually like a phal?...


  • I'm with you Oracle - Dhansak or Jalfrezi all the way...
  • usually have a korai or a patia.tried a phal once,just the once.
  • Eating a phal is a masculine rite of passage and has to be done,sometimes more than once if trying to recapture ones lost youth!

    However by choice Dhansaks or madrases go down well.
  • Chicken Dhansak
  • I've witnessed Dr Porkpie eat a phal.... made him sweat - there's no way I'm touching a phal!

    He also recommended sticking a loo roll in the freezer a few hours before eating the phal.......
  • Chicken Jalfrezi for me.
  • i like a Chicken Dopiaza.

    Though i could quite happily eat a whole meal of dips, poppadoms and peshwari naan...

    getting hungry now.
  • The Lamb Rezala from Sultana in Sidcup is my favourite of all time. I'm going to miss having that place so close when I move!
  • a chicken tikka chilli masalla with a keema naan
  • Does Birds Eye's count LOL

    Love a Chinese chicken curry

    BUT CHicken Tikka Masala for me - I like loads of sauce on a curry so got t be one of these.
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    My local curry house does this lovely little dish called Garlic Chilli Chicken, if I am somewhere else I usually go for Duck Tikka Vindaloo. With Sag Baghee, Onion Baghee and a Naan to top it all off.
  • Madras or a Jalfrezi for me (although to be honest I'll pretty much eat any curry)....must be accompanied by Rice, Bombay potatoes, and a nan....
  • [cite] Eltham_addick:[/cite]must be accompanied by Rice, Bombay potatoes, and a nan....

    do you need a nan to lick a tissue and wipe your face after ??
  • Chicken Madras is my favourite although the Lamb Tikka is a nice side order.
  • Guys your flippin killing me......

    Anyway I love a madras( I always ask for an extra birds eye chilly sliced and thrown in.mmmmmmmmm) or a Jalfreizi .....
  • Some poppadoms and a stuffed parrata.... I used to enjoy a stuffed parrata in the morning cold as well.......
  • I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I don't care much for curry. I eat it ok but just don't like spicey food that much.
    So it's something poncey like a Korma or at most Tikka masala for me.

    Much prefer a decent Chinese or Italian.
  • Does it cause your Angina to play up? ;-)
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