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Can somebody tell me why Pardew came out and said he has a 2 year plan when we got relegated- Why 2 years?

I know there has been upheval, selling players etc ridding others on premiership wages etc and buying new players that have to bed in but how can you have plans to regroup and come back stronger and better when along the way you put a big dent into those plans by selling your best player.

It's not just Reidy's departure that has found us out for what we now appear to be there is a bigger root to the problem in ZZ'S goals have dried up since Reidy's move that is because opponents set their stall out by stopping Reid you stop Charlton.

Reid went so now ZZ is the target of opposing teams and we do not have a player to fill the role that he had before Reid left.

Man mark Reid and you leave ZZ, man mark ZZ and who else is there to worry about.

My other point is that at the same time Pardew was laying the 2 year foundations down so was Gary Johnson at Bristol City and his could very much include a double promotion.

How is it that if they go up and we don't we would have been passed by a club whose gates were half ours last season, still have a nucleus of players who played in the 1st division last season and their manager is operating at the highest league level of his career at the moment.

Hard work and ambition I would say something that for some reason we are unable to match.


  • At the end of the day bristol aren't going to go up.
  • dont be so sure, gary johnson i a superb manager.
  • Bristol City were on the up, a team and manager excited to step to a higher division with no pressure on them. They would have kept their squad and added to it.

    We however were on the way down, with all the pressure on us to go straight back up, despite being a completely different team, squad and structure.

    At the moment, Bristol City have a lot of momentum built up from a successful season last year, we had a summer of change-around. Whatever players we brought in, we would have found it a struggle to get promoted automatically, as its a new league, being a lot different from the glitz and the glamour of the prem, and we were (and are) faced with being a "scalp" week in, week out.

    Bristol have the momentum at the moment, but if they don't get promoted this year, I'd expect to see them about mid-table next year.
  • Well said tricky, I think you're spot on.
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