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Going to Euro 2008?

Anyone got tickets for Euro 2008? I didn't get any in the application round and nor did any of my mates (the fact seven or the eight stadia are only 30,000 capacity makes Austria/Switzerland a stoopid choice imho)... BUT... UEFA e-mailed me yesterday to offer me two tickets to Portugal v Czech Republic in Geneva yay!!! Presumably one of them two countries FAs hasn't been able to sell all their allocation. Should be a good match up (I saw the Czechs v USA at the World Cup in another random ticket punt, so I reckon I might have to start supporting them!). Anyone else got tickets to Euro 2008, and if so, what games?


  • nope

    Im getting one of those Mars footballs instead ;-)
  • football whats football

    this summer aint even happening bloody over played prem bstds deliberatly failing because they hated that mug mclaren as much as us and the fact they wanted a dogging and roasting holiday in falarki
  • Be spending the summer annoyed in my garden whilst the Romainians next door enjoy their euro football / barbeque. If the goat in there garden new what awaited him, he wouldn't look so bloody smug either.
  • Imagine what it's going to be like for us! Surrounded by the biggest armchair supporters in Europe piping their bloody car horns all night. Please god let them crash and burn!

    Then of course we will have the Dutch, Russians and Germans reminding us we are not there, mind you we will be hoisting the orange flags in a desparate attempt to reduce the losses we will incur because of those overpaid, underperforming prima donnas. Gerrard has a place near here, and if I see him out on the sauce I will have to give him a bit of stick.
  • `you expecting to be busy Algarve do you get much matchday atmosphere like we do in boozers here
  • Not expecting to be busy NLA, if England were involved we would be busy and the atmosphere great. Because of their failure we will be struggling to break even this June!
  • Shame mate nice gaff you have there have the portgugeezers not got into binge drinking then during a footie tournament it is going to be cack here bud i tell thee
  • No, the Porkies hate spending money, unless it's on something flash to "impress" their friends with.

    When one of them does go on the sauce, after a couple of sniffs of the wine cork they turn into six year olds...
  • been talking to the missus about going back to portugal this year i will pop in again if we get over
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  • algarve, we are flying over on saturday for a week whats you full address and what night is best to come over? we will have our 3 year old and do you do food?
  • Missed the original ticket thing ages back - it was about 18 months before the tournament, wasn't it?! - so am missing out, which is a shame, because I was in Berlin for a couple of days of teh group stages of the World Cup and had a brilliant time.

    I'm going to be in Munich on the semi-final days, so I'm hoping Germany do well to provide a bit of local, er, enthusiasm...
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