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Who's in work today?...



  • Me, from 8am.....
  • In at 6.45 as per....
  • In from 7 for all day...
  • Are we all mad?
  • at least last year we had a day off after boxing day cos xmas day was on a sunday.

    this is why today is so hard. next year i'm definately not coming in the day after boxing day. its wrong.
    went to bed at 2am this morning as stayed up to watch the cricket. soooooooooooo tired.
  • Me - don't mind really, rather save a couple of days holiday for the spring :-)
  • Are we winning?
  • at lunchtime it wasn't too bad, glad we gave up watching when we did.
  • I'm sitting here with the thought that this time next year, we'll be in Orlando....
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  • i'm sitting here listening to my girls aloud cd, thinking in 3 weeks time i'll hopefully be in my new home!!
  • Lucky so and so......Mr Pie text me on Christmas Day to tell me he was watching Carry On Up The Jungle....funny thing was, so was
  • 3 weeks? That'll be pretty quick if it happens.....
  • we're at the 7 week stage at the mo!
  • I'm sitting here thinking only five more working days then it's Thailand here we come :-D

    Oh & I'm really looking forward to tonight.

    Come on you redsssssssssaaaaaaaaa!
  • Day off today, back in tomorrow
  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]we're at the 7 week stage at the mo!

    We got to the 13 week stage before we moved in.... ;-)
  • and our mate 04mcs was in in 7 weeks!

    anyway, fingers crossed!
  • 24 weeks for me
  • I'm in hoping to leave at 5pm to get down for tonight's game
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  • booooooo, in today, tomorrow and friday (which i've decided will be a half day)
  • i'm hoping to get out at 5 too.
  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]and our mate 04mcs was in in 7 weeks!

    anyway, fingers crossed!

    Fingers crossed for you Cockers! You've not got a chain have you?
  • yeah we have, but we're at the bottom and everyone else is good to go when we are. as far as we know everything is done apart from the old exchange, transfer of dosh and the keys!
  • Back in Friday after working solidly right up to Christmas.

    It's the first the day-after-Boxing-Day I've not worked in years, so I've just got up with a raging hangover. Cheers!
  • Yep. The €uro sleeps for no one.....
  • Yep and last night.
  • Riviera said:

    Yep. The €uro sleeps for no one.....

  • Me, working next to a luvally swimming pool and a beer chiller while all me pals are sitting in a beer garden somewhere back in the UK. FFS!
  • Sat in a room with no windows trying to educate twenty unemployed learners while the one nice day of the year that we get oop north goes on without me. :(
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