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Fao SuziSausage...

How was your meal in the Jalsha?....Poor D (;-)) and I went on Sunday....bloody luverly...


  • yeah, 19 of us went on friday night. lovely it was. its great as they let us get away with what we want. we took crackers and secret santa. someone got a hasselhoff cd, and they put it on so the whole restaurant heard it.
    great food, the best onion bhaji's and peshwari naans ever!

    didn't go out xmas eve in the end, was going to go old black for a couple but it was sold out!!
  • They are nice in there...always get a free drink....

    Ye Olde Black is awful...avoid at all costs........might be my age though...
  • its where all my friends used to drink when i was about 17, better than the pubs up sidcup, and the iron horse!
    there was an old geezer running it then and it was reasonably quiet. this is before it was 'the' pub for chis and sid and hurstmere boys. its a rubbish pub now, but the most local. its ok in the summer when you can sit in the garden. we were only going to go as we assumed it wouldn't be that busy and we could stagger home.
    had a night in with the olds instead.
  • Should have taken them to The Alma for a game of crib....;-)
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