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Lego stadiums

edited January 2010 in Not Sports Related
By Mr. Windscreen.
Seeing James May build a full size house out of Lego took me back to when my son was young which gave me an excuse for buying a whole truck load of it. We had no ground at the time so I decided to design and build a new ground, but realized very soon that the West stand alone was going to take most of my bricks. The finished stand was quite large scale as I incorperated eating areas much like the stand now. Glued in place I reckon this stucture could have worked (of course the bricks would have to be scaled up) So in this age of multimillion pound stadiums I think there is a good argument for this kind of week to build a stand would be cheap on labour plus you dont have to paint it every year. If you are a constructional engineer, could you please let me know if this is viable or am I just a surrealist tw*t?


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