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Nazi propaganda video / info needed

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There used to be a video online of a concentration camp showing the children having picnics and being entertained, making it look like Butlins. I'm working on someone's life story and need some solid proof about this sort of propaganda that was utilised in occupied countrys during WW2.


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    look up Theresienstadt or Terezin concentration camp

    The film was made there and called something like Hitler Gives a village to the Jews
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    I knew youd be first Henry...absolutely brilliant, and a book too...Telnot youre a star, many thanks to both of you.
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    This is it, part 2 is on the right.
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    Absolutely perfect for what I need. The comments below the video are a bonus too.

    Once again, many thanks
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    It's a pleasure to watch the Charlton Athletic academic research unit swing into action!
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