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Go you Super Nanny

I know this is not about Charlton and I hope it's appropriate but I got to say I've read about
and just seen on computer the super nanny from Northampton foiling the jewelry heist. That
would have to be the best story I've ever seen or read. I'm not a memer of any other English
websites so I had to come through this one and say

Mrs Timson, WELL DONE. I hope this is recognised in the upper echalons, in the ivory towers
and she is given some sort of a medal for her actions. Could not believe her bravery. Once again
I say WELL DONE and I wish there were more people like you.


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    It was a good story..........2 days ago.
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    Touche Chirpy Red. I have been busy for a couple of days so this is the first time
    I've been on here since earlier in the week. My apologies for bringing up a story
    that is old news.
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    Hadn't heard anything bout this... Gonna look it up.
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    God love her. I just read up on her too as i hadnt heard the story two days ago. Wind yer neck in chirpy.
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    She'll probably be charged with assault and battery.
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