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It may bide us or it may divide us

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Players vs Manager. The long standing question. What makes a good team? Is it the manager
or is it the players?

I read on another post someone having a thinly veiled swipe at Mr Powell. After 7 games?!?!
Then again it probably didn't take that long for people to go at Parky. Someone also said that
we pretty much have the same team. I can see both points of view. I would not be a manager for
all the money in the world. But he has to be good at his job, one would think.

So what makes a good team, the manager or the players? What does everyone think?


  • Goalkeeper , centrebacks , and central midfielders make a good team ie keily , youds , rufus , kinsella , a good spine to the team. Then you can add your flair players on the wings etc. A good manager is someone who can identify those those players and get the chemistry correct ie the chemistry between racon and semedo is poor or the understanding in our back four is pathetic. A good team also needs a leader , do charlton have a leader? All obvious stuff which everyone knows but thats my humble veiw.
    Ps. This is why powell needs to be backed in the summer and our support is vital untill the end iof the season.
  • Perhaps we need to go back to 442 which, I admit, is a shame because I think Powell has looked at our team and picked a formation to suit it. THey just aren't used to it.
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