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TalkSport a new low

I can't believe that after two weeks of the Rooney show it's now the 24/7 BALEfest...absolutely gut churning boring shite...5 live for me from now on.


  • good player tho
  • Well worth a club investing £50m for his talents
  • Can imagine Gareth sitting at home watching his toes curl up.
  • TalkSport is the perfect example of why the BBC needs to be protected. It is commercial radio at its very worst. Been going downhill steadily since the changeover from Talk Radio many years ago.
  • My car radio was always on talk sport, I had it on day and night.

    Then Ronnie Iranie came on the air, and James Whale left. Now the only person left of any talent is Ian Colins.

    Now it is 95% complete sh*t!
  • Shouldn't this thread be Sticky? Don't they reach a new low every day? Maybe they'll discover the answer to the new low end theory.
  • Where can u hear james whale now? Used to love his show with his producer ash,the orgianal karl pilkington.
  • each to their own I guess, I still listen to it if I'm out driving during the day with work, Hawkesbee and Jacobs are still quality in the afternoons
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]Where can u hear james whale now? Used to love his show with his producer ash,the orgianal karl pilkington.

    He's on LBC drive 4-7pm mate

    Ash is still producing, with Ian Collins especially Mon-Thu 10-1am

    That used to be proper radio! Now they have dozens of ex-pro's who talk rubbish and exclusively favour their ex-clubs and a handful of sterile, PC "current affairs" bods who spout the same old toe the line arguments of a night
  • I think the simulated sex sounds on an advert for a cheap porn channel that they broadcast last year may well have been a low point as far as Talk Shite standards go, but I guess it's horses for courses!
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  • Mike parry is joke.
  • edited November 2010
    That man puts the K into nob!!
  • That station is complete trash.
  • Agreed on H&J, they've been on the station for years and they're still hilarious. The rest isn't great, notably ex cricketers spouting off about football even though they clearly don't know that much about it, although I do listen to the Weekend Sports Breakfast.
  • I don't listen to any of these. Which was the one that hadn't heard of Yaya Toure until Man City signed him?
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