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Conservative Party Thread

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Thread for discussion on the Conservative Party

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  • Does anybody know what the overarching philosophy of the Conservative Party is?
  • 100 days to Brexit; Gatwick closed at Christmas; Crossrail in a shambles and a Transport Secretary with form etc. etc.; Billions to be spent on preparation for a No Deal Brexit which cannot be resolved at this late stage.

    Is it material whether they are "stupid people"? They have put the entire UK economy at risk next March because of their inability to form and deliver a strategy.
  • seth plum said:

    Does anybody know what the overarching philosophy of the Conservative Party is?

    You tell me Seth.

    My philosophy growing up was that the Conservative Party would look to reward and champion those that were prepared to work hard and attempt to better themselves.

    The Labour Party would look to protect and champion the rights of ‘workers’ so they were properly protected.

    I don’t allign / disagree with either.

    What do you?
  • seth plum said:

    Does anybody know what the overarching philosophy of the Conservative Party is?

    There isn't one. When I did my degree with the OU, the foundation course in social sciences focussed on four approaches: Liberalism, Marxism, Social Reformism and Conservatism. We were told in no uncertain terms that there was in fact no such thing as Conservatism. It was a part of the curriculum for one reason only: Margaret Thatcher had personally intervened to tell the OU that if Conservatism wasn't included there was a risk to the OU's funding. What the Conservative party tends to believe in is economic liberalism (though historically that's not always been the case) coupled with a 'pragmatic' approach that supports whichever measures are most likely to keep themselves in power.
  • The Greens, UKIP, Nationalists, Religious-Based, Socialists all seem to have an underlying philosophy, a direction of travel, agree or disagree with them or not.
    The Conservatives seem to have none beyond being in charge.
    AFKA your two descriptors above seem to have a sequence. Work hard, and then protect workers 'rights'.
    I believe the divergence would be a bit more fundamental if we consider those unable to work. Or wider still if we consider the impact of work on the individual, society, and the environment. If we move on to any concept of betterment the divergence would be phenomenal.
    I can detect in some political philosophies how what I have briefly described as divergent issues might be tackled, but not in Conservatism.
    At the worst end of the scale with those unwilling or unable to work and 'better themselves' we have homeless rough sleepers. One thing struck me about this when it came up a little while ago on Question Time (discussing the impact of austerity in general) was when Shappi Khorsandi said the Conservative government lets stuff happen simply because they can 'stomach it'.
    Maybe that is the strength of the Conservative party, they can stomach horrible stuff for longer than others, past the point when Nationalists, Socialists, Extreme right and left, Liberals and others would want to intervene. Conservatives are able to sail on past the same stuff, and it really doesn't matter much to them as long as they are in charge.
    If Conservatives are interested in Public Policy it seems to be in areas where they can make themselves more secure and more wealthy.
  • Still can't get quote function to work. In response to Seth.

    A pretty good analysis in my view.
  • @seth plum

    I believe its to reduce (conserve) taxes, public sector and government whereas Labour invest taxes to boost the economy and have a large public sector. Liberals are some wishy washy bollocks in the middle.
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  • This could conceivably be in any thread - but as most of it is the Tories fault one way or another, I'll stick it here.
  • I think there is a political philosophy that can usefully be called conservatism, based around not changing things, any changes that you do make are gradual, respect for authority, market-based economics and an expectation on individuals who have done well to look after those who are less fortunate.

    What the current Conservative Party is is an alliance of different trends and schools of thought. There are old-style patricians; there are tear things up and see what happens revolutionaries. There are people motivated by a desire to help and others motivated solely by personal gain (could you tell I was thinking of Boris Johnson when I wrote that bit?)
    They are split because of Europe because old-style businessmen see the benefits of the EU and thrusting Brexiteers see it as a scam to hold back the spirit of British free enterprise.
    There are a lot of Conservatives who are English or British nationalists, who think these islands are exceptional and we just have to get our act together and those days of empire can be recaptured (though without the slavery and conquest this time, perhaps).
    All political parties are coalitions. They all have successful and failed policies. I think Britain is possibly exceptional in how the conservatives are behaving, but conservative parties are in power across much of the world (arguably both US parties would sit as different wings of the UK Conservative Party).

    Where we currently are in worldwide politics, since the 2008 crash, is that the vast majority of people are worse off in real terms. This means that a Party that calls for the status quo to continue is going to get punished for it and anyone promising a change will get a hearing - so we get Brexit, Trump, the fascist guy in Brazil, the leftwing guy in Mexico, the Thatcherite in France (OK that one's not gone so well...)
  • How long can that prick Grayling get away with it. Week after week, more and more incompetence and the gormless arse just gets to carry on. Rail increases down to greedy staff apparently.
  • Gargling says the problems to back 25 years to 'privatization ' and so his hands are clean.
    A country that can't organize a train timetable thinks it can organize brexit.

    Grayling was auto corrected to Gargling, which given the weird phlegm in the deep throat sound he makes seemed to suit.
  • Yougov saying that it's cool that trains are so expensive and shit because 40% of the people didn't go in a train last year. I fucking loathe these pricks so so so much
  • The punchline being her voting record...?
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  • Fair play to her I say - people are allowed to change their mind. It was going out to live in the real word, and actually seeing people's problems and listening to them that turned me to socialism. She may not become a member of Momentum any time soon, but it's a start...
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    What should the Conservative Government be doing to improve the knowledge, understanding and education of UK citizens on the subject of the Holocaust? One in twenty UK citizens believes it did not take place. How should the Conservatives repair this issue?
  • @Chizz blame Labour?
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