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McLaren drives me mad

effing substitutions.

Defoe on the bench so he plays Dyer up front - a position he doesn't even play at club football and has nto scored in 33 games , yes 33 caps, for England.

Beckham had a stinker so he puts Wright Phillips on the left and leaves Becks on.

1st 30 thoguth we played really well with Lampard looking like the player he is for Chelsea with Carrick behind him.

Ferdinand should be dropped and play Richards as he is such a show pony he forgets he's a bloody defender first and foremost.

I know it was only a friendly but it was Germany.


  • correction:

    Germany reserves
  • I thought Beckham was ok to be honest and I'm a big critic of him, Carrick gave the ball away a lot. Lampard had a good game and as you say, looked more like the player he has the ability to be. The first half hour was indeed as good as I have seen England play for a long while.

    Owen looked good but needs to sharpen up, Shorey had a good game bar one or two sloppy mistakes in the second half, Barry and Wright-Phillips did about all they could in unfamiliar positions.

    Now what the fuck is it with Kieron Dyer? The man is a total waster, undoubtably talented but has his chance at international level now come and gone?? He is not a centre forward granted but why does he keep getting games?! Crouch proved he is useless in the air but put hiimself about well.

    Robinson was made to look a total prat and cannot blame conditions for him dropping a big, hairy bollock. Smith to his credit also worked very hard and deserves to be given another chance even though he tends to play in a midfield role now.

    Joe Cole though for me was man of the match for England and Kuryani for Germany. That is how a lone centre forward should play.
  • How Carrick is worth 20m I'll never understand..
  • people wonder why we never win anything, then you see that slightly above average players like Keiron Dyer have 33 caps....
  • yeah never rated him either, where's that new leftback from?
  • What is Alan Smith doing in a England shirt? Remarkable average player that he is, works hard, runs about a lot, but no first touch to speak about, and clueless when he does get it under control.

    Beckham, Richards, Cole and Gareth Barry had good games, the rest where a bit meh.

    If he's fit for the qualifiers, I'll get Dean Ashton in the side, cause we need someone with a bit of intelligence to play up front.
  • Enjoyed going last night immensely, reminds me of watching charlton really as I enjoyed all the pre match banter & singing far more than the actual football.

    My impression of last night is that we only have a good first eleven & a lot of them were missing. Shorey is not an international full back end of. Ferdinand is far too lapsdasical, Robinson needs to be dropped, Dyer & Smith whilst honest pros are not international class.

    I was however very impressed with Germany who deserve credit for their performance.
  • Amazed at the stick Smith is getting I thought he looked the only real player to show movement, vision and held the ball up well.

    He looked to me the only one that was going to open up the german defence. He provided the flick through to owen when he beat the keeper but fired over, got the flick on from beckhams free kick when the rest of the england team were flat footed. Thought he held it up well!!

    Oh well all a game of opinions
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    spot on
  • i thought beckham was piss.

    good individual performances from richards, cole and wright-phillips. can't see why lampard was getting bigged up apart from the goal which was well taken.

    mclaren still doesn't have a clue what he's doing.
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  • rather have becks in the midde feeding two pacey wingers than carrick...
  • Becks was unfit and shouldnt have played more than an hour.

    Defoe and Crouch should have replaced the front two after an hour.

    Dyer should have gone to Chinawhites.

    Fat Frank started well but we have to play Gerrard and Hargreaves in the middle from now on (he wont though)
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    i agree with all of that.
  • Just as we were leaving, they gave the man of match through the stadium tannoy. Shaun Wright Phillips FFS!!!!!
  • I don't think you can disregard Shorey after one game, insert the name Powell for Shorey and we would all be saying "what a great debut". Too many people watch the game with prejudices (both positive and negative) well and truly in place before the match starts, and then procede to ignore/exaggerate any positive/negative from the players they have preconcieved ideas about. Hence some think Beckham had a good game, and others think he was awful. The truth is somewhere inbetween.

    Germany were okay, had a bit of luck and took advantage of the chances they were given. Of course it was no where near their first choice eleven. They made their fair share of mistakes and mis-hit passess, but naturally we are watching our team in far more detail, so remember the individual mistakes far more. Had England taken their chances some would have been saying "okay we won five - two, but it was only the Germany reserves...".
  • what a numpty

    Glad i went out for a ruby instead LOL
  • I'll stand up with Algarve. Considering his lack of international experience, I thought Shorey did well.

    Solid no nonense defending under pressure, otherwise always looking to pass and move into space for the return,
    and not afraid to take on a man if he thought that was a better option.

    A couple of good runs into the box might have had a better final ball - but then he is a defender.
  • I thought Shorey did ok too. What P*sses me off is that we field the same old names time and again instead of picking in form players no matter if they are from the epl or ccc. Owen isnt fit...why play him then? Beckham isnt fit....why play him? Dyer isnt a striker...why play him there with Defoe on the bench? Richards looked good as right back but faded into mediocrity as a CB. We seem to have forgotten that International football is a team game and we insist on playing talented players who dont gel as a team. We played sideways and backwards in the second half...reminded me of watching Ray "the crab" Wilkins. I personally dont think we will ever get anywhere with the short sightedness of McClaren...what did he achieve at club level? League cup final at best? I have no idea who we would replace him with, but we could do worse than somebody who takes no nonsense like Allardyce.
  • Listen up Ledge....

    McLaren do Formula One motor racing, pretty well.

    McClaren manages a team of over-rated, over-paid mugs.
  • McClaren needs shooting as do them pricks (scuse my French) at the god damn FA, close down Soho Square and start again. Its like and exclusive old boy's club...makes me sick!
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  • I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!'
  • It was noticable that the established players (with the exception of Beckham) were generally poor while most of the less established and new players were generally good. I thought Ferdinand was discraceful - casual as if it didn't matter to him. Not enough pride to be wearing an England shirt.

    I agree with the earlier comment about Shorey - a competent performance and a good run and cross down the left late on, Mica Richards looks great and should start the next game for me.

    I think we need a big shakeup. It doesn't matter who is England Manager we always pick the same 7-8 players plus a few experiments. Time to get some of the yonger players involved - I am sure Scott Carson would have done better, he was outstanding for Villa on Saturday.
  • Good point about Scotty Carson.
    Instead of giving veteran David James his umpteenth cap, surely the occasion was ripe for Carson to make his debut for the 2nd half?

    Isn't that what friendly matches are for?
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