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Most Unproductive Day Ever...!

I think this week I have been working on average about 2/3 hours a day. Anyone else going through a Lack of motivation/lack of work/hangover & cannot be bothered day ?

Thank God it's Friday.


  • "I think this week I have been working on average about 2/3 hours a day."

    That's promotion material at my place Ketman.
  • I have a job thats reactive....if nothing happens I just sit here all day twiddling my thumbs....

  • Yep nail on the head been pricing the same job for a week that without visits to the bakers, chatting on the mobile, sneaking of early to go to fulham and CL would take a max day and half. Maybe next week with a good result under the belt i'll be flying. (and the boss returns)
  • yep got slaughtered last night on red wine, not feeling too perky today, the 3 pints of guinness at lunchtime haven't quite sorted me out............
  • Working is shit.
  • Anyone got any interesting jobs? Im Bored with mine.
  • i very rarely do any work. my little office runs itself...
    thank god for the internet else i think i would have to look for new employment.
  • edited October 2006
    Strangely been really busy this week.

    3 client meetings, cartloads to do and someone to give a disciplinary to. All this whilst fighting off man flu and the missus being in Toronto so have had to do all the school runs..... Big fat one (or three), Pro Evo 6 / Need for Speed Most Wanted, Chinese take-away and Stella for me ce soir
  • I think I have done about a 60 hour week this week, but it is rare if I am not bored with surfing by midday then something is wrong!
  • I work my arse off........... and have about 20 mins at lunch and thats it..........
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