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Burnley vs. QPR postponed (QPR player killed in car accident)

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Unconfirmed reports that Ray Jones, QPR striker was killed in a car accident yesterday.



  • 18 years old. about 12.20 am this morning.

    god bless him
  • That's just awful, whatever the circumstances. So young.

  • What can one say!

  • Got home from the game buzzing, just read it on BBC news. Puts things in perspective.
  • R.I.P
  • begs the question what he was doing out at that time before a game BUT shocking all the same.

    was in a collision with a bus in east ham by ll accounts
  • he was injured at the time and wasn't due to play.

  • It is always horrible what ever the age, although the lack of a chance to live a full life is always bad.

    Got called out to a car accident Thursday, three young girls involved and the youngest (14) died at the scene. Makes you go home and hug your own kids I can tell you
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  • [quote][cite]Posted By: olster[/cite]he was injured at the time and wasn't due to play.


    oh right very sad loss of a talented young man
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