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£3.5m for Zat Knight

The world truly has gone mad...


  • no, we've got a good deal there.
  • Who has paid that for him?
  • i am staring to wonder about Martin o,neil

    young for 10million
  • he is jank £3.5 m do me a favour
  • Thge only fulham fan i know is this fella who comes in to fix one of our printers, top bloke he is too, not your typical west london tarquin fulham/chelsea type, which is wierd! Anyhoo he is always banging on about how rubbish Knight is and once he leaves it will be much better for foolham! I bet he is loving that piece of business by sanchez, i bet the fu;lham fans in general think what a touch!

    The money in the prem these days is incredible! There is no way we would of been able to compete this year imo!
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