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Respect to Liverpool

Just watched Liverpool play the Everton song out of respect for the little boy who was shot.A very sad time and very emotional to watch.Proves to me that football isn't that important,although it is a big part of all of our lives,it isn't a matter of life or death.


  • Spot on browny. Spot on.
  • Was thinking exactly the same myself. Had to explain to the Mrs, the significance of what we were watching....
  • Liverpool tend to get these things right.
  • Yeah the great people of liverpool - they still havnt weeded out the scum who done it.
  • Great gesture from Liverpool.

    Pete Tong- Bit harsh imho.
  • It's been said on here before, but nobody does collective grief like the scousers.

    Personally I think Pete has hit on a good point here. If there is such a wonderful sense of community up there, like we're all led to believe, how is it that someone hasn't come forward and fingered this fella for such a despicable crime? In fact, if it's so bloody brilliant up there how is it that there's so much crime in the first place.

    The answer is, of course, that it's just the same as everywhere else. This "one big scouse community" cobblers is just a myth. I don't remember the same hoo hah being made about the south london community spirit when Charlton, Millwall and Palace all joined together in a collective effort to raise awareness about the young lad who went missing on his way to one of our games at Selhurst back in the 80's. Not deemed newsworthy enough, obviously - but there was still a family grieving.
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