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Arsenal last night

Disneyland have opened a new "soccer" based theme park and its called Arsenal Football club.

Now dont slate me for it, but i went to see the Arsenal game at the Emirates last night. It was a freebie so I don't feel that bad.

Its the second time I've been there now and i have to say we all have to stop calling Palace fans Nigels.

If there are a bunch of supporters more deserving of that name - its the Gooners!

Such a plastic , Sky sports, middle class boring bunch of fans. This was a European game and the atmosphere was crap! no real passion, no real singing. Their attempts at singing "Red army" were laughable!

They have a block in one of the corners where the "singers" sit. Oh my god, I've never cringed so much in my life. A bunch of sad numpties singing Arsenal Arsenal ra ra ra waving scarves in the air.

That club will really feel the effect when football stops becoming "fashionable". i feel sorry for the old school supporters that have to put up with all this cheese and blandness.

hardly any one there seemed like they supported them for the right reasons. No family connection, no local team. they all came down from Hertfordshire and the like for their once a season game.

I think my love for Charlton grew a little bit after that last night!


  • In fairness, the majority were probably people who don't normally go.
  • Hahaha... I went last night as well on our corporate tickets. Thats exactly how i described it to my mate a 'Disney' experience, i was just expecting the cast of High School Musical to run out in the second half and burst into song and dance, they would have probably given the ball away less than Walcott did and Sparta still wouldn't have scored...

    The place is full of minor clebrities, rich Islingtonites and rich families from the Home counties.

    The game was crap aswell. I left at half time after they ran out of Chicken Pies and free booze
  • run out of booze... what sort of corporate ticket is that?
  • I watched it last night on the stevie, and i heard the 'we are the clock end highbury' and then 'we are the north bank we are the north bank we are the north bank highbury' and it went on for absolutly ages and was pretty loud, well loud enough for me to hear what they were singing! i thought that for a bunch of plastic fans it was a good effort!

    I was wondering what it would be like tho for a proper arse hardcore old skool fan to move from the spititual home! I would personally hate it!

    Anyone else watch on tv?
  • Exactly...

    I thought we were a fickle bunch at times but there were 100's of people leaving at 1/2 time... totally bizarre
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    [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite] I was wondering what it would be like tho for a proper arse hardcore old skool fan to move from the spititual home! I would personally hate it!

    Anyone else watch on tv?

    I watched it- thought the crowd came over well but that's going to probably be due to TV production.

    My brother went- he's a die hard gooner- and he's very happy at the Emerates, on the basis that they need the extra capacity for revenue to continue to compete.

    Mind you- like me, he'd love his club whatever.
  • Mate of mine who sits in the Redaction corner, was saying it was one of the best atmospheres they've had there since moving to Ashburton Grove.

    I don't think the stadium helps the sound get around it to be honest
  • if they sounded loud, the crown microphones must have been right in with the crown!

    they were very quiet!
  • I was more impressed at the fact they were singing for ages in th efirst half about 15 mins constant, i thought it was fair play.
  • Upset some Arsenal fans in the bar the other night during a discussion with Guinness Addick and Mrs Guiness about how the Gunners found their way into the top flight after the first world war. They appeared ten minutes before half time last night, had one drink and then disappeared around the corner for their dinner...

    Nuff said.
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