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Puts things into perspective............

(Wasn't sure what category this would go under so appologies)

The father of murdered schoolboy Rhys Jones has written a moving tribute to his "little boy blue".

Now God wanted a football match
And to play it up in heaven
But first he needed players
And select his first eleven.

Georgie Best, big Brian Labone
The legend Dixie Dean
Alan Ball and Bobby Moore
All made it in the team.

He needed one more player
Someone who would be quick
From up above he looked down
And saw Rhys there in his kit.

So Rhys was taken up above
God took him by the hand
To play the game he loved so much
Where sponsorship is banned.

There is no cheating either as
God is the referee
There are no mega wages
And the transfers they are free.

The games are live on telly
You don't have to subscribe
The players all stay on their feet
Cos no one takes a dive.

So Rhys plays now so happily
To the angels in the crowd
And every time he hits the net
They roar his name so loud.

Have fun my little blue boy
You're safe and in God's care
Till it's time for me to get my boots
And join with you up there.


  • That's very moving....
  • nice words, brought a lump to my throat
  • Read that on the train, proper choked up.

    Not only is he a great parent, he is also a proper football fan.
  • yeah same here, i read it on the train and he was really touching.
  • that's brilliant tribute from a father to his son - as ooh aah said brought a lump to my throat as well. I have an 11 year old boy and just brings home how precious your kids are.
  • I admire them so much - they have been so strong through everything - not sure I could.

    It's made me tell my loved ones every day how much I love them and cherish every moment.

  • Its all very sad.
  • Bloody hell.

    I'm not easily moved by this sort of stuff but this whole story and that poem in particular have really brought a lump to my throat.

    So impressed by the parents, seem like smashing people and not that anyone does but they just don't deserve to be the victims in a tragedy like this.
  • A Man's tribute to his boy...Awesome.
  • Pretty choked up after reading that.
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  • moving was that....phew...... fair took my breath away.
  • Difficult to find words after reading that. A tragedy.
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