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fav season

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what's you best season supporting Charlton and why, the obvious ones for my age group would be 97/98 or 99/2000, but for me it is 93/94 season this being the one where I started to go regularly, some great memories of that year.

5 v 1 notts c
5 v 0 Peterborough nelson hatrick
the new east stand open 4 v 3 southend
great cup ran - beating blackburn, b city & going Old Trafford
running on the pitch last game of the season against mbro


  • The season we finished 7th With Di Canio, Jenson, Parker etc we were genuinely a quality side & great to watch.
  • [cite]Posted By: Ketman[/cite]The season we finished 7th With Di Canio, Jenson, Parker etc we were genuinely a quality side & great to watch.

    yeah a good season until you know who went off, i remember coming out of the 1st game of the season for against man c after being beat 3 v 0 and thinking we was in trouble.
  • 1999/2000 was great because we looked like we would win every game. As a youngster I enjoyed the Div 3 promotion in 1980/81.
  • 1980/81 Promotion Season was probably my favourite. Eleven away wins (saw them all) and plenty of travelling support at EVERY venue. Lots of typical old fashioned football grounds then as well rather than the indentikit stadia we have now.
  • That was indeed a good one, Addickted - when we used to go away and win 1-0 all the time!
  • For me it has to be 1999/2000 promotion. Did not miss a game that season, plenty of wins on the road. At the time we had the best keeper (Deano), centre-half (Rufus), Left Back (Powell), CM (Kinsella) and forward (Hunt) in the league. Far and away the best team in the division and deservely won the league.
  • 03/04, one of my first years as a season ticket holder, although i did miss the Chelsea 4-2 game as i thought we were only going to lose, it was cold and it was boxing day...:(.
  • 2007/08 Great memories.
  • 68/69...just a shame we blew it at the end...
  • "69...just a shame we blew it at the end"

    I thought that was what you're supposed to do!!
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  • Andy Nelson's 74/75 promotion season, when we had to seemingly score three times to win a game. Luckily, we had a certain Mr Hales up front.
  • 99/00 by a country mile, it was like following a big club that year! I would come out of an away game disappointed that we only got a draw, 12 league wins in a row!

    We also had a great FA cup run, if we had beaten Bolton we would of had another day out at Wembley!

    Many classics that season, Coventry away in the cup , Tranmere at home, Palace away.
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