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Won 2-0 v Leicester- Post-match comments

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Any of you who went to the match - well, what do you reckon?


  • A very, very comfortable win.

    First half was similar to Norwich but we had a bit more of an attacking verve to it. Our possession play was excellent, and we looked tighter defensively. Both strikers worked hard and great to see both on the teamsheet. Second half we didn't sit on the lead, but took our foot off the pedal would be a fairer description. We rarely got out of third gear, but it was all pretty easy. Radostin got a warm reception when he come on, and had a decent poke from about thirty yards.

    No player you could pick out and say didn't play well. Mills however had a very strong game, defensively sound and got forward very well and saw a lot of the ball. Samedo however was by far and away the man of the match, controlled not just the midfield, but the whole game, and i don't think put a foot wrong in the whole ninety minutes.

    Very encouraging.
  • Cheers, AFKA. We've all been following it best we can by Live texts but Jimmy Melrose wasn't allowed to use the computer today. :o)

    Good to see Lukey score a 1st Charlton goal against the club he supported as a boy.
    Imagine any of us on here playing for say Stoke - and then scoring the winner against Charlton....!!!!

    Samedo has been getting some uncertain judgements lately, so when you say 'Samedo however was by far and away the man of the match, controlled not just the midfield, but the whole game, and i don't think put a foot wrong in the whole ninety minutes', that should make people sit up and take notice of the lad's quality.

    Good to see Kish got the response from our fans that his service deserved!

    Thanks AFKA.
  • its clear Samedo can play. You have to remember its a very big move for him. He is young, in a foreign country and playing at a different speed and style of game to what he was brought up with.
    It will take time to adjust, but if today is an indication, he is going to be very good at doing the simple things well.
  • Leicester were absolute rubbish, and it was so comfortable it was almost embarassing. Semedo had a blinder, really got involved, but my man of the match was Bougherra. Nothing short of superb at the back, commanded the defence very impressively even tho admittedly he didnt have a great deal to do.Varney was a disappointment for me, ok he scored, but he looked a bit off the pace, Todorov should have come on later on to try and kill it off.
  • Although the win was comfortable enough I thought that the reason we didn`t kill the game off and played a bit flat in the 2nd half was because quite a few of them looked tired. Reid, Sam and ZZ were off the pace and allowed Leicester a lot of ball in second period. Mills was my MOM. Semedo was a close 2nd. Hope we rest a few of them in midweek.
  • Pards has said on the OS tonight that he will be resting players for the Luton match:

    "I will give the squad players an opportunity against Luton.

    "We have almost everybody fit at the moment so it's frustrating for the subs and the players who are in the stands.

    "Players like Matt Holland, Yassin Moutaouakil and Svetoslav Todorov are itching to play, so the first-team knows that it must continue to play well.”
  • Easy and comfy, thought we tired a bit second half, especially the likes of Reid and Varney who worked hard on Tuesday, but all in all, it's getting better and better, plus Coventry are getting a hiding at the moment at Portman Road, so more to look forward to next week
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    Hello Oggy, I've just got home from the game and signed up here.
    I agree with everything AFKA said. Mills was very good today. He was lively and a constant threat down the right. Both goals were 6 yard jobs. Varney's goal was a tap in set up by a headed flick from Iwelumo. Those two look a useful partnership and compliment each other styles well.
    We were dominant in the first half and it was very easy. We seemed to lose our determination in the second half.
    Nice to see another clean sheet but on a negative note I thought Leicester won far too many headers in our box. Thankfully nothing came from them.
    Pardew now has a nice selection problem with quality players like Yassin & Todorov not guaranteed first team places.
    Players are going to have to keep their form going to keep their places in the team and that's always a healthy thing especially with the choices in our squad.
  • nice sum up Joe, welcome to the site.
  • looks like Pards thinks the same as me re. Samedo

    "Semedo had his strongest game since he's been here. He made the art of the simple pass look easy. Just like Makalele sets up attacks for Chelsea, he did a similar job for us today.

    "But the away games for Semedo are difficult because he doesn't quite understand the tempo of this division yet.

    "At home we can dictate the play a bit more, but we've got three away games coming up now and they will be a test for him.”
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  • Hey Joe, good to hear from you again - and welcome to the Lifers board.
    You'll find it pretty lively on here at times. ;o)

    It does sound disturbing that we still don't appear dominant in the air in our box.
    Although Pards has said tonight that he thought both centre halves did a great job.

    I agree it's amazing that what we thought were certain starters can't at the moment get in the team,
    but it's a long old season so I expect most players will be needed at some stage.
  • Encouraging is the strength in depth we have.

    Tuesday could see Moo2, Thatcher, Racon, Thomas. Ambrose, McLeod and Todorov come in and all hopefully busting a gut to be included at Coventry.

    The way we are playing at the moment I can see us and Watford building a gap soon enough.
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    Good performance, Semedo was masterful and Mills was maruading - but Leicester were rubbish, then again perhaps half the teams in this division are going to look rubbish against our players - mind you it'll be interesting to see the goals - looked like shocking defending from them.

    Sam started well but didn't hit Tuesdays heights but did okay .... ZZ started okay too but overall was quiet again - I'd drop him for Ambrose.
  • i agree ZZ has been a bit quiet, but i think we are taking for granted now his ability to retain posession in the final third. His control is always spot on, and he rarely has more than three touches before finding a red shirt.
  • A good win and Semedo was easily my man of the match. Magic played well and so did Danny Mills. Thought ZZ did ok today. The one moan I have is that our final ball into the box is still not quality, usually overhit or not clearing the first defender.
  • Comfortable win though would have liked a few more goals. Mills was my motm - a real boon.
  • Just got back,and as you now i will give credit when credit is due.Semedo proper holding midfielder today won and gave,what we need as a holding midfielder.Big Chris proper centre forward in this league they couldn't handle him.THEO FOLEY PROPER HOST true gentleman . Enjoyed a bit of hospitality theo is a legend to behold,(if bromley or city addicks excuse my ignorance) have never had the pleasure please book him up,he is charlton through and through.Little Northstandjoe got to present man of the match to Danny Mills ( you could see where Huckerby put his teeth) great day Little joe is over the moon and i will have anice glass of red wine while little joe dreams of screaming in the radio commentor's ear.CHARLTON TILL NORTHSTANDSTEVE AND NORTHSTANDJOE DIE.
  • Yes, agree with all the comments about Semedo. He had a great game. I thought Kish made a big difference for Leicester when he came on for the second half. He put himself about all over the pitch and helped to stop us dominating the 2nd half in the same way we had the 1st. He even got a shot in from 20 yards!! Well played Kish.

    Danny Mills & Magic also both had excellent games. Coventry should be an interesting game next saturday.
  • If Saint Pards can get working on Sams final ball he would be one hell of a player.
  • Two stand out players for me today were Semedo and Mills. Semedo was brilliant. He tackled and harried superbly and passed around. Was always available.
    Mills was just back to his best. Robust in defence, accurate in his passing but today he added to real bite going forward.
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  • [cite]Posted By: Southendaddick[/cite]

    The way we are playing at the moment I can see us and Watford building a gap soon enough.

    Its that going to be known as "the Watford Gap"?....................ducks for cover!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • O what joy to see our team to play football again. Samedo was absolutely class and for me was head and shoulders above em all. How come Mr Venger did not spot him?? And what is so reassuring is whats waiting in the wings; Moo and Racon for two.

    We appear to have strength in all departments and in depth, and at the moment (dons red tainted glasses) I cant see any other team touching us but I know this wont be so.

    See you all at Luton!
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    [cite]Oggy Red wrote in the real time match thread:[/cite]Chris Powell (Charlton) booked for unsporting behaviour.

    Must be a mistake, ref. Not Sir Chris.......
    In fairness, he did have Carl Cort's shorts half off in the tussle that led up to the booking.
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    [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]Cheers, AFKA. We've all been following it best we can by Live texts but Jimmy Melrose wasn't allowed to use the computer today. :o)

    LOL. My wife's an angel. She'd done so much cleaning I couldn't very well claim the computer could I? When I came home from tennis she was cleaning the bath whilst dancing to samba music on ITunes! In the end I listened to it in the garden - the only place I could get away from the noise! LOL.

    Besides I played for both clubs and didn't feel up to it for this game.
  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]
    Good to see Lukey score a 1st Charlton goal against the club he supported as a boy.
    Imagine any of us on here playing for say Stoke - and then scoring the winner against Charlton....!!!!


    I've always wondered about this. Wouldn't you just call in sick?
  • A good, solid performance.

    Leicester didn't look great but in my opinion that was more us playing well and not letting them play rather than them being a bad side per se.

    Clemence could have scored early on and Cort looked a handful in the first half at times.

    ZZ played well in that, with Semedo, he stopped their midfield playing and still found time to assist Big Chris' goal.

    Leicester beat Watford 4-1 so they are no mugs.

    I'm feeling more optimistic than I've felt all season. The ability is there at this level and just as importantly so is the right attitude.
  • Easy win and second half Leicester made subs to keep the score down and we crusied it. Would have been great to see them bomb on and get 3 or 4 but that's pro football these days. Save the energy for the next game.

    Bougherra and Fortune looked sound even if LCFC didn't give them much to do. They did what they had to and I didn't have my heart in my mouth every corner or ball thrown in the box.

    Samedo is getting better game by game, ZZ did his job. Not sure if the set up or maybe the position suits him completely but gets it and nearly always plays an intelligent ball forward. Two simple finishes but that is a mark of good team play when you get the ball to an unmarked forward a few yards from goal.

    They won't all be this easy but 14 from 7 is two points a game. Top two, two clean sheets, Watford not pulling up trees with a draw at QPR and other teams in the top 8 taking points off each other.

    Leicester were boo'ed off. They were poor but what did they expect away to Charlton. An easy win. Seems that every losing team is boo'ed off these days.

    Timing on the flag was perfect. It was facing the tunnel as the teams run out. We have NEVER lost when the flag has gone round.
  • One of the big positives for me: Andy Reid had a quiet game. Why's that a positive? Because it was still a commanding performance and easy win, and shows we don't have tp play through Reid all the time. It can only get even better once he's back on song providing more creativity. A good day out.
  • Good point, Weegie. If opponents identify Reid as the main man and focus tactics and players to close him out, then that creates space and opportunity for others to do the damage. And we've players a plenty that can do just that.
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