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Nice words from Chris Perry

edited September 2007 in General Charlton
'I’ve still keep in touch with a few of the players. I’ve a great affinity for Charlton. It’s a really good family club, I wish them well and I look for their results every week.
I was happy to see the draw but I was probably the only one in the camp which was a bit gutted it wasn’t away to be honest. It would have been nice to go down there.
The fans were brilliant to me and I look back at my time at the Club with so many happy memories.
Its always nice to play against one of you’re old teams and I’m looking forward to meeting up with some friends.',,10372~1120129,00.html


  • Is he at Luton now then?
  • In his prime he was absolute class. Good to hear hes still fond of us.
  • Good player. Still think Dowie should kept him. He was worth another one year contract at least.
  • [cite]Posted By: BrightonAddick[/cite]In his prime he was absolute class. Good to hear hes still fond of us.

    he kept sunderland quiet in the last round though he might struggle with our pacey attackers...
  • Thanks Chris, top man.
  • hope he gets a good reception tonight, and then has a stinker! top man tho
  • £100,000 very well spent by Curbs.

    Top bloke!
  • I remember the 2-0 home victory against Liverpool a year or two back.
    Chris Perry's man to mark was gangly lamp post Peter Crouch, who was so outplayed and it seemed outjumped, he never got a look in.

    Remember the start of the season when we were getting hammered and Perry was nowhere to be seen?There was a
    whisper campaign - "If anybody knows the whereabouts of Chis Perry, etc"....... Curbs reinstated him and the defence instantly looked sound.

    For 3 seasons Chris Perry gave his all for us. Legend!
  • [cite]Posted By: StanmoreAddick[/cite]£100,000 very well spent by Curbs.

    Top bloke!
    curbs got lucky there
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  • Most under-rated and value for money signing Curbs made. Quality player. Should have been given another year by Dowie no question.
  • better than fortune
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