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Luton v Charlton - MATCH UPDATES

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AKFA, Talal, the radio and texts from the ground will be doing their best to keep everyone up to date with some form of commentary tonight, so make sure you join us, encourage us, and let us know where around the world you're following us from.


  • First text from ground:

    Expected team:



  • On the train up, will update as much as i can, although net from the phone is fairly slow!
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    Harry Arter
    Aswad Thomas

    Ref: D'Urso
  • Really? A bit worried that we've only really got Varney on the bench to come on and try and change it if things are going wrong...

    Happy with the starting XI though, except McCarthy.
  • Arter on the bench, must be pushing on well.
  • To be fair Paddy had a blinder against palarse medders
  • Sankofa - but no Gibbs.....(!)

  • so is that the sdtarting line up defo tho afka man
  • Yep. That's the team.
  • confirmed MCS.

    Perry playing for Luton, as is Matthew Spring Water
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  • That's not a bad reserve team. It could play for Charlton in the Championship.

    I wonder why Bougherra is the only one of last Saturday's starting team still starting tonight.
    Perhaps Pards thinks his short of match practise?

    To see Harry Arter and Aswad on the bench is encouraging. I believe it's vital you show Academy players that there is a route through the ranks to the 1st team.
  • Clive Walker is the co-commentator.

    T_E-W will be updating with his comments
  • Pacy start, McLeod had a long range effort well wide
  • Valley Floyd Road in the background loud and clear
  • No place anywhere for JT. He's really upset Pards.

    Now time to think, JT?
  • CW thinks Luton will be looking for long shots, Ambrose lost ball in middle. goal!!!!! sinclair
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    ****Goal Charlton***** 0-1

    Dean Sinclair header
  • Mcleod did well on byline, got good cross in, sinclair header
  • McLeod done left, gets cross in, header from 5 yards. Brilliant cross.

    Less than 4 mins
  • Crikey. Get in there!
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  • Wow! That was quick.

    Good morale booster for Sinclair.
  • 1-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DEANO, DEANO!!!!!!
  • CW says we need to build on the goal! its a good start and the goal helps! we look bright,sharp and hungry
  • Sinclair thrashes in another, takes deflection off Perry. 1st corner of the evening to Charlton.

    Ambrose in, but cleared. Back to Ambrose, low cross back, but cleared for a Charlton throw
  • Build on goal ??? We've only played 4 1/2 mins Walker you CHelsea donut !!
  • Luton are shellshocked and are struggling to make passes count, cant get forward. was an opportunity for Ambrose to put a good cross in but dallied
  • Paddy is captain!
  • Does it sound like we are playing 4-4-2 or are we going more 4-5-1/4-3-3 with Ambrose and McLeod as the wide men?
  • mcleod on another run, ball to Toddy comes back off his heel (hello sailor), to Mcleod, who does a left foot daisy cutter thingy straight at keeper.

    Luton just had first chance, cleared for their first corner.
  • holland tried to clear but got no distance, led to luton chance - corner to them
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