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League Cup - must be out

edited September 2007 in General Charlton
We looked like a team that just threw 11 players on the pitch who have never met each other in their life. Well done Charlton for spoiling my dream of going to a league cup final at Wembley. And well done Luton who I thought deserved it.


  • Pardew openly stated that his priority was the league and the boys were looking a bit tired on Sat(aparently) particularly the likes of Reid.... So.... disappointing but we all know the main proirity...
  • I honestly couldn't be any less bothered.
  • The chances of Charlton actually getting to the final were slim at best. Although it would of been great if they did get there the league has to be the main priority.
  • It's only the bloody rumbelows cup. Bring on Coventry....
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