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Feedback from those at the Luton game

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Be interested in your thoughts.

From the radio it appeared we had the brighter opening, but Luton came back into in mid-first half, and had most of the play after that. We had a few chances that we never took, McKleod in particular, but overall they had the better of the play.
Hard to make out from radio who played well and who didn't. Sinclair and Racon both seemed to be well involved, and Todorov and Holland barely mentioned.


  • Never seen so many old bill in relation to the crowd - 4,500 and a couple of hundred of old bill.
    What was all that about?
    Obviously our squad is not as strong as some were thinking after Saturday.
    McLeod's finishing was woeful. Holland was off the pace. McCarthy looks poor.
  • I thought the first four minutes were some of the best football we have seen this season :)

    I didnt think we played that bad, just that at times we needed that little extra touch of class which the big guns give us. I Understand that its not a priority this season but we could have done with an Iwelumo, Reid, Thomas or Sam coming off the bench for extra time.

    Positives were Moo2 and Holland getting a run out and Harry Arter who looked quite good.

    In all honesty that side should still have won but a few of them (Todorov in particular) did not look like they could be arsed.

    Forwards were a big dissapointment. Todorov started ok then seemed to get the hump and couldnt be bothered. McLeod looks very raw, could be a dangerous sub running at tired legs but not sure his brain is as quick as his feet. Varney had two decent chances and should have taken them.

    Luton wanted it more, simple as that.

    Next year eh...
  • Most of the team have not featured reguarly and will not be fully match fit. That is going to be a great leveller. Moo2, Holland,Sankofa, Tody just back from injury. Sinclair and Racon not played (apart from 15 mins or so), McLeod has played one or two cameos. This is big ask up against a Luton side at home bristling with confidence having dumped Sunderland out in a previous round.
  • Just glad i did not fork out £21.50

    A feww beers and a curry at home was a lot better

    200 thats mental
  • I did enjoy the first 20 minutes. Luke Varney should have taken those couple of chances.

    McLeod was disappointing in the 1st half of extra time he easily could have got a ball and crossed it, but he slowed up and wimped out. he got a fair bit of stick for that.

    Quite liked the ground tho, despite being behind 2 posts. Our support was pretty bad, but then the team didn't give us much encouragement at times.

    We really need to practise corners and crosses. I couldn't see the far side, and didn't bother craning my neck to see any corners or crosses coming in from anyone in the 2nd half. no point, they never even looked dangerous.
  • What time did you make it back Sooze... heard the M25 was shut....
  • we were on the train so no m25 involved.
    got in just after midnight.
    timing was perfect with train to london bridge pulling in 5 mins before train to lee.
  • Ah right. Good move I reckon. Any news from Brenda, or is she still not home yet?
  • ere i posted earlier on the other thread. I was indoors at 12.06 after getting a cab up the hill - wonder if stu beat me home from north greenwich.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]ere i posted earlier on the other thread. I was indoors at 12.06 after getting a cab up the hill - wonder if stu beat me home from north greenwich.

    Thought you were driving up?
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  • No, train from moorgate for me.
  • How did the following play please peeps ?


  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]How did the following play please peeps ?



    and Arter
  • I liked Arter, needs to work on his shooting but bags of energy and a decent touch.
  • yeah, I liked Arter too, once we worked out who he was. he wasn't listed on the programme.

    I thought Holland put in a solid performance, Racon I can't say I noticed him too much to be honest, same with Sinclair. anything we did try to do, tended to go round the sides, then pull in at the last minute for it to be headed straight back out over the heads of our midfielders.

    I'm not criticising them too much as it was 1 game, and they obviously hadn't played together much or had much match fitness. the whole crossing the ball thing really bugs me though. most teams celebrate getting a corner as its an advantage, I fear them, as I reckon the ball will clear and the other team will score on the break every time!
  • Agree with all Suz says.

    And talking about not knowing players, who was the black fella (number 29) on the bench. He wasnt listed in the programme either?
  • chris dickson's squad number is 29
  • Well, Dickers is on loan at the Jills.

    So if he did just come to watch, why would he have his numbered kit on?

    He's not been sent home by Mr Scallyw*nk, has he?
  • According to Scott "Nuttalls" Minto on Sky, in the first half I quote "I have not heard of Thierry Racon but he is bossing the game in midfield". If he's good enough for old Scotty, he's good enough for me.
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