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Spot the classic quote.........

Alan Curbishley is looking ahead to tomorrow's Carling Cup tie against Plymouth and assessing his options for team selection.

"Our new signings Nobby Solano and Henri Camara are cup-tied but we're hoping Scott Parker will be back. With Craig Bellamy, we have to see. He wants to give it a go but we'll have to see if we decide to risk it tomorrow or wait for Arsenal."

Curbs is very eager for the Hammers to continue to progress in the Carling Cup, but is anticipating a tricky tie against the Pilgrims at Upton Park.

"We are keen to attack this competition and go for it," he said. "I feel that a Premier League side are going to win it. After Bristol Rovers my main concern was Kieron but now we are fully focused on getting through another tricky tie and progressing in this competition.

"Plymouth are a steady side and they have the opportunity to be a big club. They have a substantial fan base and will be bringing lots of fans tomorrow night. Ian Holloway has put together a competitive side and the atmosphere will be really good."


  • Has he really said that, or have you made a few little insertions Mr Stone? Surely he wouldn't be so stupid to keep saying that, would he?!
  • Mr Curbishley has only ever made one record.

    And this is the time of year when it get's re-released, even if he now sings with another band........
  • perhaps its like the bbc used to send out coded messages to the resistance during the war on the lines of 'francois, your dog has ate its dinner' to tell them to blow up a bridge or something...get your money on plymouth mes amis...what price are they ?
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