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ex Charlton Night again on SSN

John Salako's covering the West Ham - Plymouth game, Scott Minto's doing Villa - Leicester, Paul Walsh is in the studio doing Hull - Chelsea, and Chris Powell is moonlighting summarising Spurs - Boro, but seems a bit nervous.

The bloke covering the Sheff Weds game has just said "Franny Jeffers isn't realising his potential to say the least", and Dowie's Coventry are 1-0 up at Old Trafford. Extra time and penalties anyone?


  • 'Dowie's Coventry are 1-0 up at Old Trafford'

    WHAT ??????
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    Yep. I should imagine Man U have pulled the same trick we did last night. Coventry have been described as being pretty comfortable if not creating much so far. Leicester have gone 1-0 up at Villa too.

    And the biggest cheer of the night so far at West Ham was for Carlton Cole getting subbed apparently
  • Chelsea are 4-0 up
    Leicester are 1-0 up
  • The Man U team:
    29 Kuszczak
    26 Bardsley (45 Brown )
    23 Evans (56 Carrick )
    19 Pique
    25 Simpson
    17 Nani
    30 Martin (45 Campbell )
    22 O'Shea
    33 Eagles
    21 Dong
    08 Anderson
  • Coventry 2-0 up
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    Might be a good time to play Coventry on Saturday - if they win at Old Trafford.

    A case of after the Lord Mayor's Show as they struggle to raise their game against a mere Championship team, perhaps?
    Or will Dowie have Coventry prove a point for him?
  • "21 Dong "

    *Swisdom sniggers like a schoolboy*
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