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For those going tomorrow - Pro Charlton Chants please

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Well the majority of them anyway - there is always room for some Jordan baiting which will please both sides.

Personally, i don't want to hear crap like "Dowie, your a C*nt"...he was a sh*t manager but not a c*nt.

Lets get Valley Floyd Road sung loud and proud and create a decent away atmosphere for once, lets not get wound up if we are not 2-0 up in 20 minutes - just keep backing the boys and i'm sure they'll come up with the good.

Come on you reds.


  • Good call
  • yeah no Dowie chants I thought he was a good 'egg' not a great manager maybe.

    Come charlton kick arse all the way to the title!!
  • Been saying it for years ... lets be positive and get behind the team.
  • [cite]Posted By: Riscardo[/cite]Been saying it for years ... lets be positive and get behind the team.
    you've also said that you are 27 for years - nobody listens!
  • Well said WSS, should be a good atmosphere tomorrow. A good following plus some extra space for people to move around.

    Get behind the boys in red !
  • Agreed. I still have respect for Dowie and the players clearly thought highly of him. No point in looking back to last season, we should get behind this season's team and look to the future.
  • Well West side there is a big group of us going together so perhaps we should set the tempo for the chanting & keep it CAFC anything but bleedin Red Army or der der der.
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