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anybody got a shilling for the meter ?


  • does a day ever go by when Jordan DOESN'T take legal advice ??
  • Is that defamation of character?..
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]does a day ever go by when Jordan DOESN'T take legal advice ??

    you have to wonder about the issuing of a winding up order though...seems a bit drastic and could (perhaps still will) have had a snowball effect...there's not a charlton fan working at npower's credit department is there ?
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    More than likely a policy of only paying when the final demand comes in or later. A few firms do that and it's very annoying when you are a small business and need to manage the cash flow. In my experience always bigger firms as other SMEs know you as a person so are good about paying on time.
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    [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]does a day ever go by when Jordan DOESN'T take legal advice ??

    I believe he gets a lot of legal advice when he's at the hairdresser too!

    Mind you the hairdresser obviously doesn't do anything else while tangoman is there!
  • Jordan Jordan pay the bill, Jordan pay the bill.
  • 'who turned the lights out, who who'
  • No smoke without fire.....
  • It appears that someone is not telling the truth. Power companies don't sue just for the sake of it.

    Palace in the dark over disputed bill Oct 1 2007

    By John Stanton

    CRYSTAL Palace are being sued by electricity suppliers NPower over a disputed bill.

    The energy company claim to be owed money by the club and expect court proceedings to begin next month.

    They were replaced as suppliers for Selhurst Park some months ago but are now claiming there is money outstanding and will go through the courts to get it.

    But Eagles chairman Simon Jordan is consulting with lawyers over the issue and expects a retraction and damages.

    Further details in tomorrow's South London Press.
  • Palace in the dark Oct 2 2007

    By John Stanton

    But Eagles chairman Simon Jordan is counter-suing and says he expects a retraction and damages.

    An NPower statement said: "We negotiated with Crystal Palace for a significant period about late a schedule to pay off the final amount.

    "But this payment plan has not been fully honoured, so we face no alternative but to take legal action against them.

    "This decision was not taken lightly. Given the seriousness of the situation and the numerous options that the company had previously offered, it was felt to be regrettable, but the only means of ensuring the debt is recovered."

    Jordan claims the club have paid the bill - and that a cheque has even been cashed by the energy giant.

    "The confusion was caused because we have recently replaced our finance director," said Jordan. "We missed one instalment and NPower became very heavy-handed for no reason.

    "They claimed we owed them £58,000, but we believe it is £38,000, so we sent them a cheque for £38,000. They cashed the cheque, then claimed they had never received it.

    "Their latest action has caused me and the club immense damage. NPower's action is ridiculous and without any foundation."
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  • I find it hair-larious from the blond palass boss.
    He always manages to get himself in the rags....

    Are there many other club owners that manage to stroke their own egos with as much gusto as this plonker...?
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