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Wolves away - £ 27. Some clubs are really

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taking the p**s ain't they. £27 quid ! Some aways were cheaper in the PL. I think about £20 is about right and tops £ 25. Molineaux ain't that great either.


  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]Molineaux ain't that great either.

    Kenwood make better kitchen appliances, I agree. Sorry - now I've started...

    Agree - silly money.
  • thats the actual day of my birthday, think i'll give it a miss
  • Miss who? ;0)
  • Going to see Ian Brown in Cambridge that day.

    Would have swerved it anyway at that price. Been there loads.
  • haven't been but giving it a miss! its the day after les' b'day, the day after someone's wedding, and also the day of my nan and g'dad's 60th wedding anniversary! either way, i won't be there and spend my £27 on Curb_it and tavern's wedding present instead!

    I might buy them 1 ticket to the match to fight over.....
  • Already brought train ticket, c'est la vie
  • he can have it...
  • ah tavern that's a promise m8.
  • We're taking my old man to Rouen for his 65th that weekend, so my £27 (or 40 Euros) will be spent on "pressions"
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  • That's right Large. You could fly to Lyon for that price!
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