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Just seen the "penalty"

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that is a shocking decision.

Bougherra needs a rocket up his ass.


  • Bougherra and Powelly need to be dropped pronto.
  • Agreed and agreed. The pen was as blatant as I have ever seen (watching from behind). Seeing it from the other angle it was even more "nailed on". Frankly the standard of refereeing has been p*ss poor this season so far. Give me Clattenberg, Riley, Dean etc any day....Can't believe I'm saying that.
  • [cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]Bougherra and Powelly need to be dropped pronto.

    Powell has been playing well. He just had a dodgy game yesterday. If Thatch is fit then fine, otherwise Powell is the best we'eve got.
  • I'm not sure I'd have Thatcher as an automatic choice at left-back either as he also hasn't looked all that impressive.
  • Bougherra played terrible. I honestly believe we need a hero centre back if we want to win the championship... Bring back Paddy? Heheh.

    Agree that the refereeing in this division has been unbelievable.
  • Just to point out, we have the third best defence in the division, so our back four can't be doing that bad. Our forwards should have scored around 4 yesterday, add the penalty and that's 5, bit harsh to then have a go at the defence for letting in 1.
  • Agreed Randy-andy. I thought that generally we defended very well yesterday. Powell made one mistake at the end & Boogy also made a couple of bad errors of judgement. Given the amount of pressure the defence had to cope with throughout the game, however, I thought that overall it was a decent enough performance. If we can just cut out the mistakes & control a bit more of the game with our midfield, then we have a decent platform to build on.
  • To my way of thinking we need a strong defence as well as a decent attack. We should have won the game yesterday but our forwards miss-fired, hence we needed to defend better. There is no doubt in my mind that our defence is not as strong as it should be at the moment. I just hope we can get through to the "window" in reasonable shape so that we can sign at least one more centre back and possibly a left back. Of course Gibbs could be available by then.....ducks for cover!!!
  • Cory Gibbs - now in regular training (touch wood)
  • A question to those who went to the game....other than the forwards misfiring, weren't our legs dying towards the end of the game ??

    there were a couple of reports stating we just ran out of steam at the back...
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  • scrap that - just found the coventry thread...

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