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Knobheads booing Lampard

It's a effing disgrace. Pisses me right off.

It's a bloody England game


  • Still annoyed me slightly less than the vast swathes of empty seats by the halfway line after half time.
  • without sounding like a wingy bastard wats happend to the legendary england atmosphere. sounds louder at the egg chasing these days.
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    First off the atomsphere is crap, still fat frank is rubbish and sadly its the only way the fans can get the point across!

    as for empty seats, if people dont buy em we cant sell em! Slighty envy the jocks, my mum has been to every game so far and cant get tickets to the italy game cos they can sell it out twice over!
  • Lampard only plays for England because he plays for Chelsea
  • I honestly dont think I have been at a football match with a worse atmosphere than yesterday.

    Surrounded by 40 year old couples with picnics and face paint.

    That'll be it for me and Wembley after Croatia, rather spend my £40 in the pub with proper football fans.

    England England ra ra ra.
  • [cite]Posted By: Southendaddick[/cite]I honestly dont think I have been at a football match with a worse atmosphere than yesterday.

    mate said the same, his first time at Wembley and a real shock to him. Said it was weird, as if he was there but still watching it on the telly.
  • I blame Ketters and Stu for spending the second half in the departure lounge bar
  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]I blame Ketters and Stu for spending the second half in the[strike]departure lounge[/strike]bar

    kets told me yesterday that the common people cant buy beer at wembley! Not thats its much to miss, couldnt even finish my pint of piss!
  • Pickwick that is bollox - he's regularly scored 15 plus a season from midfield in what is supposedly the best league in Europe it has feck all to do with Chelsea.

    I not a great fans of his but I am can't stand these pricks booing England players before he's touched a ball.
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  • My Take on Saturday was that it was always gonna be an England win, the crowd knew the team knew it so played at 50% all game. As for the atmostphere of the games they have all been pants apart from Russia which was reasonable. With ten minutes to go on Saturday I had six empty seats to my left & four to my right I was the only one still in my row at full time. The sooner the novelty of Wembley wears off & real fans start attending the better.

    As for Lampard did not boo him myself but understand why people did, has done nothing for England of note in competitive games, his 60 yard reverse pass into the stands sums him up for me perfectly. Barry deserves his place & Lampard should not be accomodated into the current team at present.
  • Don't get the Lampard booing, alright he hasn't performed well since the World Cup, but the bloke doesn't go missing for me, remember he was voted England Player of the campaign in the qualifers for Germany.

    The atmosphere on Saturday was painful, really didn't enjoy the game on Saturday, even being 3 up in 35 minutes, just felt really flat. Be interested to see how many people walk out with 15 minutes to go if the game against Croatia is tight
  • Lampard has had a few good games mostly 2 years or more ago, like Gerrard they are the current England Royal family picking up caps whether they deserve them or not. Like Bryan Robson, et al; like Bobby Moore at the end of his time, they get picked because what they once did and international terms that may have been 3/4 or more seasons ago.
  • I think, as usual, the money making potential of the new Wembley Stadium has clouded the judgement of the FA and it will never, ever get the kind of atmosphere for England games which the old Stadium got. Will we still win most of our games there? Yes but it wont be like Hampden, or playing the games at Old Trafford.

    As for Lampard, to boo him is a total disgrace. He doesn't pick himself, and his record for England, save the last year or so has been good, although he and Gerrard do not seem to gel and probably never will.

    On that note though, Gerrard aint pulling up any trees and, in my view doesn't ever play as well for England as he should. The mistake people make all the time is likening Lampard to Gerrard and always rating Gerrard higher. He is a different sort of player to Gerrard and his skill is in working hard to close down and cover the ground, laying the ball off and making runs into the box where his scoring ability is excellent, especially for his club.
  • I think players have to seriously step off the straight and narrow off the pitch, or to visably put in little effort (like a couple of ours last season) for me to even contemplate booing.

    Its pathetic, and sums up the 'want, want, want' society we now live in.

    Read 'text' in the London Lite last night saying it was right to boo Lampard as he epitomises the modern day footballer who shows no loyalty.

    This will be the Lampard who has had just two clubs in his career........
  • I think he's become a convenient figure for a certain mob/tabloid mentality - easy to pick on because he's a Chelsea player and is perceived to be greedy by holding out for a pay rise to around £120K a week, as though he can't get by on the £70/80K week or whatever he's being paid - that always makes for a good knee-jerk reaction story in certain sections of the media who have a nice soft target.

    At Chelsea he has a couple of midfielders like Makalele and Essien around him doing the ball winning and graft work, which he doesn't have at England. At Chelsea their job is to win the ball and give it to him, invariably he is effective from then on - as proven by his goal scoring record and he contributes quite a few assists. At England he doesn't have the luxury of having a ball winner around him- Gerrard is trying to do his thing and Lampard has to resort to ball winning and closing down and doing a lot of stuff which doesn't suit his game and consequently he contributes less for England than for Chelsea.
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