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Richard Keys

Something I heard that guy say on a recording from yesterdays games, that I thought sums up Skys attitude to football, it was that "Countries like Estonia, amongst others should play each to qualify to play against the BIG BOYS" It made me think that if the "Keys Method" was applied to the FA cup Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea were given byes to the quarter finals it would save them playing against the likes MK dons, Luton Town and even us. Anybody else have an opinion?


  • It has a certain understated stupidity.
  • I have some sympathy with that view, but only for 'countries' of 20 odd people who's team are postmen 'ameteurs'...
  • [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]I have some sympathy with that view, but only for 'countries' of 20 odd people who's team are postmen 'ameteurs'...

    Have you ever played in the qualifing for the qualifing rounds of FA cup in the sunday league football, I remember walking on to hackney marshes 30 years ago, pitch number 1046 or whatever it was, and saying if we win our next 536 cup games we`ll be in the first round proper, its just a dream but its what makes the game special. :)
  • San Marino's opener against England in 93 is still one of the highlights of International football. Get rid of them & their ilk & we'll be on a par with The Champions League - where the once in a blue moon European Cup magic of say Manchester United vs Real Madrid has been lost to endless, over-hyped mundanity.

    Razil's viewpoint is sadly, likely to become a reality if the G16 or whatever they are called get their way.

    Another nail in the coffin....
  • Yeah its quite ironic that Keys team Coventry is nearly going to pot because of hes beloved premiership top teams.
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