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Rugby World Cup final screening at the O2

RWC Final - Live and Free at London's O2
by RFU press office
17 October 2007


Biggest gathering of England fans outside Paris

Following the England team’s famous victory against France last Saturday, The O2 is to broadcast the South Africa versus England final showdown live and free of charge on a giant LED screen inside The O2.

Those not lucky enough to have tickets for the Paris final this weekend, should head down to The O2 on Saturday where TV presenter Mark Durden-Smith will be hosting the biggest gathering of fans outside Paris, with some former international players joining him on stage.

5,000 fans turned up to watch the match at The O2 last week, and a similar number are expected to attend when the event kicks off at 5pm this Saturday. There will be a pre-match build up with live music acts and lots of rugby action before the match starts at 8pm.

To receive the hottest FREE rugby ticket in town rugby fans just text ‘RUGBY’ to 60505 and a mobile bar code ticket will be sent by return. One ticket per person.

All fans out in Paris will have the opportunity to show their support for the England rugby team by signing the Official O2 England Rugby Fan Bus which will be touring around Paris with Austin Healey on Friday and Saturday.

DATE: Saturday 20 October 2007
TIME: Event starts at 17:00, Kick off at 20.00
LOCATION The O2, London


  • Dam i have my daugther wonder if she can get in she is 10?
  • Went there last Saturday was a right messy night, covered in Becks , but i'd reccommend it to anyone who's thinking about going!
  • could you see ok ? was it mega packed ? could you get a drink ok ?
  • If I wasn't booked on a ferry and then a train saturday morning..... i'd think about it.
    but the Eiffel Tower has about 40-50 thousand watching on 15 big screens...
    8 of us going.... Four safa's and four English guys... All great mates, so its gonna be an interesting weekend.

    I'm actually leaving work to buy my first ever rugby shirt and then on I'm watching the footi.
    What a superb last couple of weeks of sport its been.
  • enjoy mate
  • edited October 2007
    Get there early, no problem getting a drink, get down the front where the atmosphere is at , but no it's not really packed in a sense that you can't move for 90 minutes. And yeh as long as you don't stand behind me you can see perfectly.

    Will be a great night! Especially considering i'm hot footing it down from Wolverhampton to be there.
  • There's only one World Cup!
  • I thought it was 80 minutes. What shape is the ball?
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