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Lewis Hamilton

Who thinks he can do it?

I think he's got a better chance now that the media are so hung up with the rugby - gives him a bit of space.

Be an AMAZING achievement if he does.


  • Be good if he did, but personally I couldn't give two flying fcuks about motor racing. Its really not for me.
  • At least he will be with McLaren next season, unlike the England team.
  • I honestly think that spanish mug alonso is going to try and take him out allegedly - think he'd rather raikonnen win it than hamilton - as for the pratin charge of spanish racing calling Britain racist for supporting Hamilton beggars belief considering their track record (Spains)
  • Couldn't believe that, either, Ledge. Just ask Thierry Henry about Spanish racists...
  • Good luck to him and nice to see a Brit winning something, but I don't really follow motor racing and find it hard to get excited about the sport, it seems to me that the nationality of the drivers in F1 is co-incidental and the people who really deserve the plaudits are the engineers, designers and mechanics who keep their cars competitive. Put is this way good driver + poor car = no chance. Good driver + good car = success.

    On the other hand the Rugby World Cup final is this week...and success is down to the players on the field, the coaching staff etc have some influence, but once a game starts that diminishes if the other side are stronger and better prepared.
  • I follow England for every major sport as I'm proud to be a pommie.

    I know a bit about the sport, and your right blackforest, 80% of it is the engineers and techies building the car. The remaining twenty percent is the driver, tires and tactics.
    What you may not know is that most of the teams are based along the M4 in england!

    This season has been a remarkable one for the kid Hamilton and he deserves our support, and so do the very English teams. I was fortunate enough to be on the same plane back from Nuremburg with Alonso's pit team. They are English chaps.

    Would you rather support Ferrari / Italy over the kid... He is beating the two times world champion in an identical car...
    Thats an achievement.
  • good luck to the lad i hope he pulls it off
  • Good luck to him.

    Find F1 rather dull, and agree that no matter how good you are, if you have a duff car, you ain't gonna win. Used to work with a bloke who was in to it (the kind of fella who was rubbish at proper sports, so didn't bother with them). He "supported" Ferarri, and wanted them to win against British drivers! Never understood that.
  • Follow F1 quite closely, I doubt Alonso will tak Hamilton out, as long as Hamilton gets to grips with Interlagos and it doesn't rain then Lewis should be able to circulate to 4th and win the championship easily. If it rains and..... then it will be much harder.

    McClaren will be fair..
  • go lewis go
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  • Never really followed F1 with any great interest until this season,however this guy is proper talented,to get the finishes and poles he has in his first season,irrespective of what car he is driving is remarkable.However staying out one lap too many 2 weeks ago may come back to haunt him,I truly hope not.Also how refreshing that he just took it on the chin,instead of slating the team as it was their fault for leaving him out too long.
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