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Silly Bets of the Day....

Ive just had a cheeky tenner e/w on England to win Euro 2008.

Im pretty confident that we will qualify. Dont think Russia will win in Israel and we'll beat Croatia.

16/1 will fall to 10/1 on 17th November and 8/1 on 21st November.

Have faith, McLaren is our leader :) :) :) :) :)


  • and there was me about to approach you about doing a weekly tipster spot.............
  • bonkers I reckon.

    If your throwing tenners away.. I can send you my bank details. Could do with some cash.
  • Tee hee.

    When we're all discussing what options Super Steve should be considering before the England v Germany final I'll be the one smirking in the corner :)
  • 16/1 seems very short mate.

    I am still sulking after my £20 win double on Georgia and RoI went tits. I was counting my wedge after Georgia won.
  • My only silly bets are the ones I made playing poker last night....
    Who would go all in on a 9 pair to get beaten by a straight.

    i never saw it coming on the flop!
  • Well one of my accumulators has worked out a get 23,060 back if it comes off so i'd presume that was pretty silly...but for the sake of a quid!
  • I had Cyprus at 12-1 so was mega gutted when the jammy ROI equalised in the last minute...
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