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What happened at the dome?

I left with a mate with 2 mins to go as we parked at the B&Q, got close to the hotel down the road and all we see were police heading up there we counted 19 cars and vans ?

Anyone see?


  • Some idiot was stupid enough to have parked illegally?.
  • ha ha would not surprise me as it was all good spirited when i left
  • Let's just say all got a bit heated.
  • Shocked me as it was as i say all good when i left with 2 mins to go

    Even though the SA fans behind me were making stupid comments before and dueing the game
  • edited October 2007
    Yeh think the Plod came far too late and when they did get there, far too ott!

    I was standing right next to a pissed geezer who flopped over the top of a 5 foot railing, not nice, thing is the 02 'stewards' are aimlessly looking in the sky counting down their shift time instead of being on the lookout , took him 5 minutes to see us shouting at him to come over. Mind you having cotton wool in his ears didn't help.
  • Sounds right stewards are poor at most events i think they just dont seem to care or know what to do when things happen poor training, .
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