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Teaching rugby fans a thing or two: back from Paris

Well, looking back it was good to have been there, but didn't always feel like that at the time at the Stade de France:

- One song, we've only got one song - and even that's one more than the South Africans! Atmosphere fell away to nothing after the first 15 minutes. Looked like proper rugby fans all around - most people wearing colours - but they must have been corporates or French in disguise...
- The day they bring video refs into football for major decisions like that is the day I stop watching football - such a long delay at such a crucial time. The linesman and ref on the pitch should be able to decide based on what they see right in front of their noses.

At least I managed to infiltrate with a bit of football culture by encouraging those all around me to swear at and boo the ref - and with a ref like that, they didn't need that much persuading.

A brave performance by England, particularly second half. In the end SA beat them at their own game, with stubborn defence and conversion of the few chances they did have. Didn't feel like applauding SA as worthy World Champions at the end of it.

Enjoyed Paris otherwise - reminded me what a stunningly beautiful city it is.

Now come on Charlton - put an end to this awful losing run for English sport!


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