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View from the telly yesterday

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Couldn't go to the game yesterday so watched it on the box so here's a couple of observations from that perspective.
We put together some good moves in the first half that looked good on the telly but the end result was missing. You know that feeling where you just KNOW we aren't going to score? It was there yesterday.
We do look a decent enough outfit, but there is often no sense of urgency, and very little change in pace in our build up. We move the ball around sweetly enough and create chances but I have to say we come across a bit as lightweights, we don't convince enough that we want to win it.
If you compare that with QPR who appeared to have a good team ethic, seemed up for it, and kept at it, then maybe that is the reason why they won the game. It is not about skill, although Rangers played some decent stuff, it has to be about our attitude, and whether we work effectively as a team.
Though he worked hard, not sure Reidy makes a good skipper. Dunno. Maybe he needs to be allowed to just get on with his game and we need someone to power us up a bit more out there and drive us forward ( not sure who though. Matty Holland maybe? Where is he anyway?) Also think Reidy has been booked twice now for dissent.
The Valley was quiet. Seems we only sing now when we're winning, and we boo when we're not.
Booing may well be a way of releasing frustration as a fan, but personally I hate hearing it, I never think it makes any team play better.
If we take our chances then we can beat any team in this league. We also have to toughen up a bit IMHO and forget we were in the Premiership. It is a different league and you have to earn your victories wherever you are.
Just my thoughts from the sofa yesterday.


  • Matty Holland was sitting in row "Z" Lower West with his family
  • I taped the match yesterday on sky +....
    I'm gonna re-watch the game from a sofa perspective tomorrow and post on it here....
  • [cite]Posted By: Maglor[/cite]Matty Holland was sitting in row "Z" Lower West with his family

    Matty H is out for 3 weeks with a torn calf muscle.
  • Good post 3 blokes. Good sense of perspective and you hit the nail on the head re many points.
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