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Charlton Lifeline for Demelza

edited October 2007 in General Charlton
Please click on the attached article on the club's official site:


  • Bloody media darling! ;-)
  • smudge woz you standin on a box so Maria was smaller than you?
  • You must be the tall bloke Dan ;-)
  • i generously agreed to stand in the divot. That's the kind of gentlemen i am :-)

    Save the mickey takes for other threads please, there's certainly enough opportunities.
  • They could have linked to here from that story! Nice quotes from your good self there, AFKA.
  • Oi!!!

    I even had heels on - Jeez I am short aren't I!! LOL
  • Shame...that 3-blokes didn't get a mention about the CD.
  • Agreed Solid, i should of pushed that side more when i was giving quotes, and i apologise for that, it was an oversight on my part largely, but there were so many different aspects to it, it was hard to highlight things out.

    But everyone here, and more importantly Jon himself, knows what an important role he played, and i know he didn't get involved for that angle.
  • [cite]Posted By: MariaCAFC[/cite]Oi!!!

    I even had heels on - Jeez I am short aren't I!! LOL

    Very cute though.....
  • oh davey behave yourself
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  • Not a prob at all Danny, you had a lot of people to thank and remember, I'm glad to have helped out with a bit of it ;)
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