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Ugo Ehiogh

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Looks like he's after first team football, I might be dreaming thinking he'd come to us but at 35 surely we could convince him that this might be a good move for him? I've liked the guy since he was at Villa and his experience might be just what we need at the back. If I was Pards i'd be moving heaven and earth to convince him to come to South London!,16368,2483_2836120,00.html


  • urgh absolute donkey, but we are desperate i suppose :-(
  • [cite]Posted By: ISawLeaburnScore[/cite]urgh absolute donkey, but we are desperate i suppose :-(

    More of a Donkey than what we have already?
  • Donkey, I thought he was/is a great defender and he seems a good professional. If he's still go it (a big if, at that age and after injury) he'd anchor the centre backs for sure.
  • even if he's on one leg now he surely couldn't be worse than what we've already got..
  • according to some sweaty on talksport last night we were represented at the Old Firm reserve game last night either looking at eghiogu or bobo balde
  • or both !!
  • Balde is well down the pecking order at Celtic and wants first team footie,but i doubt he'll come to us as Sunderland were interested as well
  • Heard a great story from a Glasgow shopkeeper about Mr Balde - he went to buy a hi-fi, but didn't care what it sounded like, as long as it was the most expensive, coz then it would be the best, wouldn't it?

    Both are big strong defenders, one a bit injury prone, the other a bit accident prone, but if the attitude was right, could be what we need to see us through.
  • Balde would give too many free-kicks away.....
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