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Same old Millwall Fans

I heard that Millwall Fans, upset at the result on Saturday (4-2 at Leeds) trashed their coach and then couldn't get home!


  • they got trashed before the game i believe.
  • Lies, it wasn't Millwall fans, it was the press blowing out of all proportion, there's half of california burning and the people are going on about a coach.

    And the people who did it were provoked, the police started it and they were just defending themselves.

    Have I missed out any of the standard excuses?
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    They were only looking for thier 3/4" whitworth.
  • yes lets forget about the leeds fans behaviour
  • You laugh Henry but it does pale into insognificane (sp) compared to other news. That was the first time wall have took that kind of support a way for quite a while, whilst fans of other teams get up to this kind of stuff all the time! I don't particulary like them but when it's them it's always blown out of proportion isn't it! And Leeds were just minding there own business wern't they!!! Now there is a support who play up every week!!
  • Millwall smashed up the buses laid on to take them from the station to the ground so they weren't technically their own coaches. Leeds are certainly no angels though don't they have the highest number of banning orders of any club?
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    leeds had well over 1000 running around with OB around Elland Road before and after the game and by the station - they were far worse than wall saturday, millwall had nowhere to go just herded everywhere
  • Leeds were throwing stones bottles etc at the windows and smashed a few so Millwall kicked out the others to prevent getting covered in glass and also to hang out the bus to try and get at them. Fact
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