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Lazio fan shot dead by the police

Lazio fans were fighting with Juve fans at a motorway service station. Police allegedly fired a shot in the air as a warning, but appear to have shot dead a DJ Lazio fan (not DJ Davy).
There is now apparently a mini riot going on with 200 fans attacking a police station.
Wouldn't be going away to Italy if I was an English fan.


  • Police have really really dug themselves a hole here.

    Initial press release this morning claimed there were pitched battle scenes at a service station, ie. dozens involved, it now transpires that it was just two car loads of fans (10 or so) having a barney and the guy shot wasn't even involved, just hit by one of two warning bullets fired.

    what on earth are they doing firing live ammunition in a public place in a non-crisis situation?
  • Is football hooliganism still the ENGLISH desiese?
  • No, apparently it's only a disease when English fans go away though
  • i did read that the guy who was killed was shot in the neck whist in his car.
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