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The Italian Job

Watched that useless pile of s**te remake last night.
Why call it the "Italian Job"? The only things remotely similar to the original were the minis, deliberately cocking up the traffic lights and ........ er ........ gold bars. Oh yeah, the main character was still called "Charlie Croker" - a fact that almost made me turn it off straight away. How much more of an English name do you want than "Charlie Croker"?
It was a poor attempt at a heist movie. The actors did their best but the story was just lame. They should've just doffed their cap at the original film but had the decency to call it something else, anything else!
The name of a truly great British film has been dragged through the mud people.
What next, a gangsta remake of Zulu set in the Bronx???


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Roland Out!