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How are people getting up there? Are people staying? What is the train situation?

I'm really up for this game with the crap surrounding it so what's the best way of getting up? Thinking about driving so if anyone needs a lift and lives in and around Dartford then whisper me and i may negotiate a lift...


  • Might be going, not sure really can't decide, my Nan is trying to guilt trip me into going.
  • driving up and travellodging. back sunday.
    (and not buying anything in the ground)
  • Driving up and back the same night.
  • Gumbo is staying with a mate at a uni up there. I'm fully expecting him to be waving £20 notes around in the student union, so he might make the game in one piece, if he's lucky.
  • Train across from Sheffield, just under 2 hours each way

    as far as a train home to london goes the last one leaves manchester at about 20.10 (and even that is a 3 hour + all stopper), it's 45 mins to manchester so you'll be needing to leave before the end and run to get there in time!
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