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England's penalty and the pundits

How on earth can the pundits say it wasnt a penalty. 'You dont see them given in this country' they say. feck me I astonished its the rule of the game for gods sake


  • I had my doubts. He didn't so much pull as pinch his shirt. Probably a pen but dubious IMO.
  • i still cant see why it was a pen. thought judas dived.
  • If you look at the replay the defender had the shirt in his hand well done lino shame our linesman dont open their eyes.
  • It was a pen. Judas probably dived but if he hadn't gone down it wouldn't have been given even though it was a clear foul.
  • We would have been pissed off if it has been given against us lets be honest. By the laws of the game it was a foul hence penalty.
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