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LATEST POLLL: So what is to blame for England's demise ?

Of course they all play a part, but what to you is the main factor of why the National team is currently underperforming ?


  • be interested when voting other, people give their reason
  • has to be a combination of poor tactics from management and underperforming players but the players edge it in my opinion. idiots
  • Probably a combination of all of those. The buck stops with with the manager for me though. It's his job to motivate the players, if he doesn't think they're up for it, leave them out.
  • I went for too many foreigners in the league. There needs to be a balance and there just isn't one at the moment
  • I went for Other - It's a combination of all those factors
  • A combination of all but mainly trying to play players because of who they are Lampard was missing for the entire match and who gets subbed? Barry. Then we play 3 strikers who spend the last ten minutes trying to sit in each others pockets. McClaren tried to play for a draw and therefore doomed us to a summer of embarressment.
  • the buck stops with the manager.... the players , that he had left after injuries, weren't the greatest but should still be good enough to get us there.
    with all the foreigners playing in the premiership we ended up with a forward line of 2 spurs reserves and a liverpool reserve, these guys aren't playing regularly for their teams....
    as good as benty and carson are they're not yet good enough for the highest level
  • The likes or Barwick and the fact they are basically totally unaccountable certainly doesn't help..
  • The coaching structure in this country, the inability to build a national centre like the French, Spanish and Germans have, and the way in this country we believe workrate is more valued that techical ability
  • Selected underperforming players but could have chosen a combination of 3 or 4.Our lack of depth exposed for all to see.The structure all wrong,there are too many foreigners, wasnt one of the main reasons for the FA justifying setting up the Premier League was to aid the National team ??
    Currently working with a load of ' Big Four' plastics who are savaging the team,the game, the manager.....the irony lost that THEIR clubs are part of the problem.

    The 3 strikers on the pitch not getting a game for their clubs says it all.
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  • Poor management
    Although all the other points are valid ones, with the players at our disposal we still should have walked this group. Stupid decisions like playing a rookie keeper in your most vital match when 2 experienced ones were available, and playing 3 at the back away to Croatia have cost us. Also, McLaren never seemed like a manager that could motivate the players, hence we only drew against Macedonia. You always got the impression that McLaren didn't have the personality to make the players want to play for him.

    If you have a manager that can motivate then you don't have under-performing players, so I didn't vote for that.

    Also, I think the number of foreign players is a problem, but its a problem that will hit the England team in a few years time. At the moment there is still enough quality players in England to be able to qualify for major tournaments. Two years ago at the beginning of the World Cup this squad was being hailed as one of the best ever England squads there was.

    The FA has always been archaic but that shouldn't hamper what happens on the football pitch.

    It's McLaren all the way for me, get a replacement that can motivate the players and you'll see a massive difference in the performances. Just like when Pardew took over from Reed, all of a sudden we went from a team that got beat all the time to one that nearly managed to stay up.
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    I think a lot has to do with the way we develop players. If you look at the academies, the emphasis seems to be on producing players that are strong and powerful rather that technially gifted. The exception to the rule is Arsenal but the players that they produce come from Spain or Denmark or some far flung African nation. The Italians and Spanish, even the Croatians, produce much better rounded players
  • gone for other - combination of first, second and fourth - the latter were stupid enough to appoint such an incompetent muppet.
  • those voting for 'other', i did say at the beginning that there is no doubt they ALL play a part, just which one plays the biggest part in your eyes.

    The press have come out of it lightly
  • I've gone for Archaic FA Figure Heads and structure. Because they're the people that have selected the manager and went for yet another "Yes" man and they also pump the players with more cash than any other FA and they haven't even won anything. I'd be interested to see exactly how much each player got last night for they're performances and also what they stood to make in bonus' if they had managed to qualify?
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    [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]those voting for 'other', i did say at the beginning that there is no doubt they ALL play a part, just which one plays the biggest part in your eyes.

    The press have come out of it lightly

    As irritating as they are and not wishing to underestimate the treacherous nature of our media press, if the manager is strong enough, team good enough, and to a lesser extent so are the FA strong enough, the press are irrelevant anyway.

    The press only become a factor when the team underperforms, and the manager and FA are weak.

    Rest my case.
  • I'd go for all of the above OTHER than the press. I can't stand the press most of the time, but to blame them is missing the real issues in my view.
  • We need to restructure from grass roots I think everyone's point here is valid. Still think there should be a cap on foreign players for our own long term future.....just my opinion.
  • [cite]Posted By: Tel-in-Oz[/cite]We need to restructure from grass roots I think everyone's point here is valid. Still think there should be a cap on foreign players for our own long term future.....just my opinion.

    The time for a cap has long gone though Tel, it just can't happen now - not in relation to people from other EU member states anyway.

    Sure, Sepp Blatter can give it the large one if he likes, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that anyone from an EU member state is free to go and work in another member state without need for permission, a work permit, etc, etc. Why would football be any different to, say, bricklaying?
  • I believe the long trm problem for the national team and English football overall is the dominance of the priemership clubs. Because of their neeed for instant succcess they buy in excessive numbers of overseas players and do not concentrate on the developement of young English talent. Secondly as the premiership creams off the bulk the revenue then teams in the lower divisions can not fund truely professional training set ups for all age groups.
    This then shows up in the lack of individual skills and match vision many of are players show.
    How to deal with this, well we can not bring in quoters on overseas players against EU employmen laws included in this is the Kolpak player, so clubs must be forced to use english players indirectly. One way would be for the FA to introduce a levy of say 10-15% of club turn over on every league club from the premiership to the 2nd division, then dole out this many on an equal footing to all 92 league clubs to run propperly funded training estblishments with many full time coaches. The stick for this would be that any club wanting to play in European or other international competitions would have to get a liecence or some endorsement from the FA, they would only sign it if the club had paid its levy. This would get the backing of FIFA abd UEFA and so if Man U or Chelsea challanged it they would be up against the European and world authorities. Then clubs might feel obliged to devlope and play young English talent.
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