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official he's sacked

mcClaren has gone ssn


  • contract terminated.... and his two years left on his contract have to be sorted out another waste of money by the FA
  • why don't the FA write things into contracts to stop us paying millions every time?

    Incompetent fools, there should be KPI's
  • and good riddance!
  • Who reckons McLaren will end up at Birmingham by the end of the month having signed an enormous deal with either the current or prospective owners?
  • Should never have been appointed in the first place. The most ridiculous decision to pick the one bloke who was not the first choice of any of the selection committee.

    Now it's for Barwick to fall on his sword.
  • About 12 hours later than it should have been...
  • Barwick said in the press conference that, although contracts are essentially private matters there are all sorts of break clauses.

    Now whether there were or not, who knows?

    I suspect if there was MCLaren would heve resigned as it would have looked better, the only reason not to has to be financial
  • should resign over the state of the pitch....
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