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Managerial Qualities Needed

to be a successful Club manager v managerial qualities needed to be a successful international manager.

The same or different?



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    Different given the time you get to spend with your team, and the fact you can't buy or sell. A lot of club managers are rated on how well they wheel-and-deal, which you can't do at international level.

    I think the biggest quality you need as an International Manager is being able to motivate players, which is were I think McLaren let himself down. You need a bit of personality and charisma not just good coaching abilities, so that people get behind you and want to play for you.

    Curbs and Pardew are good examples - both excellent club managers but look how much more the crowd gets behind Pardew than they did for Curbishley. In my opinion Pardew would make a better international manager, whereas Curbs would be another McLaren.
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