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Feed the Goat!

Bermuda's 'legendary' striker Shaun "The Goat" Goater is scheduled to meet with one of my company's Marketers this afternoon. Always wondered what he thinks of Charlton. Any other questions I should "feed' the goat?*

*Mind you, I may not actually get a chance to ask him!


  • What does he eat
  • Getting his name right would probably be a good start... Shaun Goater....

  • LOL! Good point.
  • Ask if him if he thought Oasis' support of Man City was just an attempt to bolster their laddish image - was it just a mirage of convenience?

  • Does he have any goats?
  • Does he think that we are now living in a nanny state?

  • LOL! I should have known there'd be a few baaaaaaaaaa-d jokes!
  • Met him once when he played for Southend, was a hero down there.

    Although he was milking it...
  • He must have been a mere kid back then Soutend?
  • They wouldn't let me near him. But I did manage to find out the following locked on facts (Which may or may not be true, of course):

    1. His one regret is not having played for the Addicks. He loves Charlton and is available if Pards needs him.
    2. He's only about 5ft 4 tall.
    3. He thinks both Nicky Weaver and Danny Mills are top class "blokes" (That last word was a little unclear, it could have been something else).
    4. He attributes his scoring prowess, despite a woeful first touch, to drinking unpasteurised goats milk as a child.
    5. He hates Millwall. (He emphasised this point)
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  • poor digging, those 5 facts are already widely known.....
  • He's a man who plays his cards close to his chest. He wasn't giving anything away ;-)
  • We should have gotten him in when he was a kid.
  • Yeah, he would've fit the bill(y)
  • Does he still live in Bermuda?
  • Yes, has some involvement with a new local club in the new commercial league.
  • The goat 11?
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