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Stratford Orient Non news story

Orient confident of Olympic move

Leyton Orient owner Barry Hearn says he is confident they can agree a deal to move into the Olympic Stadium in Stratford after the 2012 Games.

The venue's future after the Games is unclear but the track must be retained.

"I wouldn't say a deal's imminent but I believe we're front-runners for eventual occupation," Hearn told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"There's a problem with the stadium's future and we're saying, subject to terms, we could be interested."

So no deal is imminent and he's saying that they could be interested. Is this the non news story of the week?


  • I think it's more about keeping their name in the frame and reminding people that there's more than just Wham in east london.
  • According to Match of The day, we are too.
  • The venue will be reduced in capacity after the 2012 games and would be of no interest to West Ham or Tottenham who would both like to relocate.

    The o's currently average about 5/6k for home games so they would need to at least try to attain fizzy pop status to improve attendance figures which might be difficult, they would need at least 12k for home games to cover costs.

    Also this "new home" would also include a running track which kills the atmosphere, for those who remember the old Chelsea you will no where i'm coming from,

    And Brighton at the new gaff has no ATMOSPHERE what so ever,maybe Mr Hearn has other commercial interests at stake here.

    But at least it will be used after the legacy.
  • Still think Wasps or Saracens will get the stadium, and be more likely to fill it
  • [cite]Posted By: DaveMehmet[/cite]According to Match of The day, we are too.

    Really, I would find that almost impossible to believe. Can't see how it would fit us. More chance of us moving to Ebbsfleet imho.
  • edited November 2007
    Bing - DM means MOTD thinks we're in East London. The really stupid thing about that always pissing us off, is that for the sake of just 3 letters they could say Eastern London and get it right!
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